Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow in Pagosa Springs

Let me first apologize for not having written anything for a while. Since I wrote last, I have been back down to Georgia. Then we went out to Arkansas to pick up our new trailer. Next we stopped at a big mud hole to play all day. Mom and dad said something about it being a diamond mine, but all I saw was mud.

After finding no diamonds in the big mud hole, we went down to Austin Texas for a week. What a beautiful place. We saw lots of deer and a cool water lagoon.

Next we camped out on a lake in southern Oklahoma. That was cool catching minnows with Michael and Wyatt. I love playing in the water.

After that we visited the Stevensons in Oklahoma City. They had a little boy Carter who was my age. We had a blast.

Since then, we have been in Pagosa Springs, CO. It snows here a lot. 4 feet of snow in the last week. I have been sledding a bunch. Fun!!!!! I can say a few words now like Ma, PaPa, Wyatt, Abbeya, and some other stuff. Daddy is starting to read to me more now. I like books. Oh, I almost forgot, we go to the natural hot springs in pagosa a lot. They are awesome!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Niagara Falls

I got to see Niagara Falls this week. That sure is a lot of water flowing. We got to play in some streams in the Adirondacks on the way.

Oh yeah, and we got the best apple cider and apple pie ever in Vermont.

We then headed back down to GA so pop can go to Egypt. We stayed in a cool cabin in KY at the Red River Gorge and had the best pizza ever at Miguels pizza.

We are now staying with Aunt Mimi until pa gets back from Egypt.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

White Mountains of NH

We just left the white mountains of New Hampshire. I got to ride the steepest train in the world up to the top of mount washington. We camped in Acadia National Park in Maine for 4 days. I had a blast camping and hiking. We are now heading to Niagara Falls and then back to Atlanta for a few days before heading west.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Road Trip

So far I have been to SC, NC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We went to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. It was windy. I mean windy as in blow you away windy.
Then we went to Cousin Jessica's house in Maryland for a couple of days. Now we are visiting Ben Franklins home town.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bed Diving By Jakjak Kampel

Our new pasttime is jumping off 1 mattress in the bedroom onto another one. I am king of mattress jumping. Here is a video.
Also, we are leaving for our road trip tomorrow. Next stop, Virginia Beach, then Maryland.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are hitting the road

In 2 weeks, mom and dad are taking me on a trip around the country. Who knows when we'll be back. So far this summer, I have been to NC twice and SC once.

We have been swimming this summer and I am learning to talk. A little. I used the toilet for the first time tonight. Mom and dad are happy about that for some reason. I like to take my diaper off by myself now, too. They don't seem too amused when I do that.

Anyway, here is a video of me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Hair Cut

Mom cut my hair for the first time. Everyone kept thinking I was a girl with my long curly blond hair.

We went to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. I saw the washington monument, lincoln memorial, white house, smithsonian, etc...

I made a friend up there named Samantha. The daughter of an old friend of dads from high school.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming rocks

Man, I love swimming. Dad takes me all the time. I jump off the side into his arms. Sometimes he lets me go under to see if I am holding my breath or not.
I got to jump off of the diving board at uncle Drew's house last weekend. Woo Hoo!!!

Dad build a fence over at nana's house for the dogs while we were out there.
Oh, and Lauren graduated from high school.

Today I took my diaper off and peed on the floor in dad's office. He was not happy about that. I get to go to Washington DC soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer 2009

Abbey is finally out of school and the pool is opening. I love the water.
Can't wait to learn how to swim.

I am getting taller, which is cool because I can get into the kitchen drawers where mommy hides her chocolate. I also have more teeth coming in. I'd tell you how many, but I can't count yet.

We have been playing out back on the swingset a lot now that the weather is nice.
Here are some more pics from Hawaii 2009.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kitty cat

Mom brought home another kitten today. I like to squeeze her. She fell off of the stairs but I guess she is ok.

I love to run around the house and play outside. I especially love music. I like to shake my booty when music comes on.

I have been playing in the big pile of pebbles out front that dad has for the gardens.

We went to a party up at waterside last week. It was fun, I played in the shallow end of the pool.

Mom is 37 today. Happy birthday mom!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Shots this week

I got 4 more shots this week. Man, those hurt.
2 days after the shots I got sick. My nose has been running all week.
Anyway, spring is here and we have been playing outside more.
I love my slide.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jak biography by Abbey

Author: Abbey Kampel

I was born on December 5, 2007. My Names is
James Alexander Kampel.
My Family calls me JAK, my initials. My sister picked out my name. I love my sister so much. She takes good care of me. Her name is Abbey. My oldest brothers name is Michael. My other brother is Wyatt. They love me so much also. I also have a very loving mother and a very loving daddy. I said my first real word at 4 months old. I made lots of sounds before that though. Anyway my first word was Mommy and right after I said daddy. I have the best family ever. My sister Abbey is 8 right now. My brother Michael is 9 right now and my brother Wyatt is 7 right now. I am only 1 and 1 month. My mommy is 36 and my daddy is 35, Right now anyway.
I am the most blessed baby on the planet. I am loved by those around me. My favorite food that I have tasted so far is bananas. I go crazy for bananas. When I start to cry my family helps me right away. I like to stand up and bend my head down and look through my legs. I also like to push the bottom of our old barstool around. I love long round pillows. My family found that out January 17, 2009 on vacation in Tennessee at the Hilton hotel. I acted like it was my horse. I put it between my legs and ran first place in the horse race. I did not get a metal or a trophy though. I was very sweaty.

I have a Great Dane dog and her name is Baylee. I also have 2 cockatiel birds and their names are Ginger and Rico. My sister has 2 hermit crabs, QC Lucy aka Queen Crab Lucy. Her other crabs name is Patty. My mother could not resist getting some bunnies so my mom adopted 2 bunnies and they had 16 baby bunnies. They are so soft I would pet then all day if I could. On the date of Monday January 19, 2009 I Learned how to play the recorder it is kind of like the flute. I just stuck it in my mouth and blew. It didn’t sound so bad you know. I might be a famous musician when I grow up. My favorite color is yellow, my sister figured that out. She gave me a color test and my color was yellow. I never knew they would figure out. I think my sister just guessed or something.

I have my mother’s nose which my sister has too, It Is round and has a little bump on it. It feels good to rub. I have my daddy’s blue eyes which my brother Wyatt has they even sparkle. I am too young to tell what color my hair is. Too Bad. I never forget to say my prayers. I love myself. I am very blessed.

Trip to hawaii

I just got back from 2 weeks in hawaii. I got to fly on 2 jets and 2 small cesnas. We explored Maui and the Big Island. We went to a green sand beach which was kind of scary with its big waves.
My favorite beach was a black pebble beach on the big island. I played like crazy there.

I am getting fast now. I run around. But I still haven't learned many words yet. I just grab mom, dad, michael, abbey, or wyatt and drag them to what I want.

Here is a pic of the black rock beach.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Climbing stuff

I am climbing up on stuff now. I climb up on the bunk bed. I climb up into chairs.
I can get to everything mom and dad tried to keep me from now.
Ha Ha.
My big brother Michael turned 10 last month. Yeah Michael.
Wyatt is my buddy, he plays with me the most.

Anyway, we are going to hawaii soon. I can't wait. My first plane ride.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walking now

Jan 1 - 4,
Pa and my brothers and sisters went to Wilderness in the Smokies. Mom and I stayed home. She did not think I was ready for a water park.

I am walking pretty good now. I only fall on my butt about 50 times a day now.
Abbey has not been feeling good lately. I hope she gets better.
Speaking of sick, I puked all night last Tuesday. And I have been blowing out my diapers the last few days. Dad is thrilled about that.

We go to the park every few days, lots of fun. We all went to Knoxville last weekend for Michaels gymnastics meet. I kept everyone up all night.

Oh hey, I almost forgot, I can stand on dads hands now. He lifts me up and I stand on top. Way cool.