Monday, January 21, 2013


Brrrrrr. It has been cold this month. Our wood stove has been running around the clock. I have been slacking on my reading lessons. It is just not very fun to me, but pa says I need to learn it. Mommy got rid of the satellite dish, so we don't watch tv any more. No big deal, there is plenty of stuff to watch and play on the ipad.

Mike, Abbey, Wyatt and dad went snowboarding last week for the first time this winter. Michael went the next day as well with some friends. Mike is now taller than mommy. Abbey, Mike, Mom, and dad shot the pistols out back yesterday. Pa said everyone needs to know how to handle a gun now. Apparently, the liberal communists are taking over our country and trying to destroy it. There may be revolution or civil war in our future. Well, what are you going to do? Liberals, socialists and communists crave power more than anything in the world and will murder to keep it.