Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walking now

Jan 1 - 4,
Pa and my brothers and sisters went to Wilderness in the Smokies. Mom and I stayed home. She did not think I was ready for a water park.

I am walking pretty good now. I only fall on my butt about 50 times a day now.
Abbey has not been feeling good lately. I hope she gets better.
Speaking of sick, I puked all night last Tuesday. And I have been blowing out my diapers the last few days. Dad is thrilled about that.

We go to the park every few days, lots of fun. We all went to Knoxville last weekend for Michaels gymnastics meet. I kept everyone up all night.

Oh hey, I almost forgot, I can stand on dads hands now. He lifts me up and I stand on top. Way cool.