Monday, January 13, 2014

Ski Time

Woo hoo !!!! I have ski'd 3 days now this winter. It is awesome. I usually stick to the bunny slope, but pa and Wyatt took me to the top one time. It was scary. I went down on my butt.

I am on lesson 81 in my reading book. Slow and steady progress dad says.

We had a wolf in our back yard last week. Pa took a couple of shots at it, but missed.

We went to Sofias house today for a cowboy party. I had my bandana and cowboy hat on. It was so much fun and we ate some great birthday cake. MMMMMM

At night, pa lays on the ground and I stand on his hands while he lifts me up. It is super fun. Pa and Abbey are going to check out Chile pretty soon. We might move down there.