Monday, April 20, 2009

More Shots this week

I got 4 more shots this week. Man, those hurt.
2 days after the shots I got sick. My nose has been running all week.
Anyway, spring is here and we have been playing outside more.
I love my slide.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jak biography by Abbey

Author: Abbey Kampel

I was born on December 5, 2007. My Names is
James Alexander Kampel.
My Family calls me JAK, my initials. My sister picked out my name. I love my sister so much. She takes good care of me. Her name is Abbey. My oldest brothers name is Michael. My other brother is Wyatt. They love me so much also. I also have a very loving mother and a very loving daddy. I said my first real word at 4 months old. I made lots of sounds before that though. Anyway my first word was Mommy and right after I said daddy. I have the best family ever. My sister Abbey is 8 right now. My brother Michael is 9 right now and my brother Wyatt is 7 right now. I am only 1 and 1 month. My mommy is 36 and my daddy is 35, Right now anyway.
I am the most blessed baby on the planet. I am loved by those around me. My favorite food that I have tasted so far is bananas. I go crazy for bananas. When I start to cry my family helps me right away. I like to stand up and bend my head down and look through my legs. I also like to push the bottom of our old barstool around. I love long round pillows. My family found that out January 17, 2009 on vacation in Tennessee at the Hilton hotel. I acted like it was my horse. I put it between my legs and ran first place in the horse race. I did not get a metal or a trophy though. I was very sweaty.

I have a Great Dane dog and her name is Baylee. I also have 2 cockatiel birds and their names are Ginger and Rico. My sister has 2 hermit crabs, QC Lucy aka Queen Crab Lucy. Her other crabs name is Patty. My mother could not resist getting some bunnies so my mom adopted 2 bunnies and they had 16 baby bunnies. They are so soft I would pet then all day if I could. On the date of Monday January 19, 2009 I Learned how to play the recorder it is kind of like the flute. I just stuck it in my mouth and blew. It didn’t sound so bad you know. I might be a famous musician when I grow up. My favorite color is yellow, my sister figured that out. She gave me a color test and my color was yellow. I never knew they would figure out. I think my sister just guessed or something.

I have my mother’s nose which my sister has too, It Is round and has a little bump on it. It feels good to rub. I have my daddy’s blue eyes which my brother Wyatt has they even sparkle. I am too young to tell what color my hair is. Too Bad. I never forget to say my prayers. I love myself. I am very blessed.

Trip to hawaii

I just got back from 2 weeks in hawaii. I got to fly on 2 jets and 2 small cesnas. We explored Maui and the Big Island. We went to a green sand beach which was kind of scary with its big waves.
My favorite beach was a black pebble beach on the big island. I played like crazy there.

I am getting fast now. I run around. But I still haven't learned many words yet. I just grab mom, dad, michael, abbey, or wyatt and drag them to what I want.

Here is a pic of the black rock beach.