Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow in Pagosa Springs

Let me first apologize for not having written anything for a while. Since I wrote last, I have been back down to Georgia. Then we went out to Arkansas to pick up our new trailer. Next we stopped at a big mud hole to play all day. Mom and dad said something about it being a diamond mine, but all I saw was mud.

After finding no diamonds in the big mud hole, we went down to Austin Texas for a week. What a beautiful place. We saw lots of deer and a cool water lagoon.

Next we camped out on a lake in southern Oklahoma. That was cool catching minnows with Michael and Wyatt. I love playing in the water.

After that we visited the Stevensons in Oklahoma City. They had a little boy Carter who was my age. We had a blast.

Since then, we have been in Pagosa Springs, CO. It snows here a lot. 4 feet of snow in the last week. I have been sledding a bunch. Fun!!!!! I can say a few words now like Ma, PaPa, Wyatt, Abbeya, and some other stuff. Daddy is starting to read to me more now. I like books. Oh, I almost forgot, we go to the natural hot springs in pagosa a lot. They are awesome!!!!