Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I got 4 shots in the leg last week. That is not cool. I felt awful all week.
Papa took me swimming a few times, though, which was fun. Mommy made me sick one night. She fed me some yogurt and I puked all over the place.
Poppy, Mike, Abs, Wyatt, Zoe, Ethan, Kendal, Courtney and their dad took a boat out on Lake Allatoona last weekend. I wish I could have gone. Maybe next year.

I am getting strong. I can scoot myself around now and I am getting my legs up under me to crawl now. We went down to grandma and grandpas last night for grandpa's birthday. I got to eat some cake and ice cream, yum!!!!

Here is a pic of my goofy brothers.

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