Monday, March 13, 2017

Chile Year 2016 Update

In June, I went to Georgia to visit my cousins. I went to summer camp with my cousins. I had a lot of fun. In the past year I was in my biking camp. I biked, I hiked, and I paddle boarded on the lake. I camped in the woods and Kayler was in the camp with me. There were so many people in my camp. I met Kayler about 1 year ago when we moved out to caburga. She was my neighbor. I always went to Kayler's house to play with her. She is in my homeschool group as well. Along with Noa. I met Allan, another friend, he lived very close to me. I always walked to his house to play with him and his sister nadine. But they moved a few miles away now. In January 2017, Michael, Wyatt, pa and I went white water rafting on the trancura river. It was awesome.... Then i met David. He is Chilean and he spoke Spanish not English. He is my neighbor and he comes over all time. Then Marsha moved next to my house. David Marsha and me jump on the trampoline with water. Then pa put a rope up in our house. Marsha's brother Mataio is 3 years old. Marsha Martaio David Kayler and me were playing on the rope and 2 wooden rings. We swing and climb on the rope. Then i swam in Marsha's pool with Marsha and martaio. then all of us went black berry picking. now im learning Spanish on doulingo, im on a 75 day streak.

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