Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I got a new violin

One day I got a new violin, after that we went to the beach, then when we went home. I have always wanted to learn the violin. I tried to play the violin but it didn't make any sound, then we researched it. We needed rosin on it, it came with rosin we just did not see it, then Wyatt and I sanded it, then Wyatt put it on the bow. Then Wyatt said be careful with the rosin, but Wyatt dropped the rosin from 2 inches from the ground and it broke but there was 1 little piece left. Then there was a little sound. after that we got new rosin, a quality one and it sounded beautiful. Then i was learning twinkle twinkle little star.

Sadly we were backing up in the car and george got ran over. We ran him to the vet but they had no tools. Then we rushed to the dog hospital where they opened georges belly then stitched his belly up because of a hernia. Then he didn't really eat and died 2 days later. :( Then we buried george with a tree over him. He was a good dog.

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